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I founded Ecommerce Clarity because as I visited with friends and business acquaintances, it became apparent to me that many owners are excellent at running their businesses, and know their products, but they are not technology or eCommerce experts. More often than not, I kept hearing "I just want to sell my products online to my customers but I don't know how to do it." Or, I would hear stories about failed attempts to get online with incredibly ambitious projects.

At Ecommerce Clarity, I want to bring clarity to the process of doing business online. I can do this due to years of experience running and witnessing both small businesses up to incredibly active and vibrant 80MM+ businesses. I have built eCommerce teams, and I have setup websites and everything in between. With this knowledge, I can help you leverage your business knowledge, with my technical & eCommerce experience to successfully deliver an online eCommerce experience to your customers successfully without a lot of mystery.

In this day and age, everyone has access to the tools of eCommerce. I bring the experience that is invaluable when using those tools. And quite simply, you don't have to hire someone full time to run your online business, you just need someone who can train your team, and help you select the right paths.

Ecommerce Clarity does these things, and sticks to the goals of:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Share the knowledge and mentor your staff.
  3. Provide technical knowledge.
  4. Aid in transition to or from existing platforms.
  5. Do this economically, with the clients future in mind.

By working with Ecommerce Clarity your team will be force multiplied and will gain deep insight into your current or new eCommerce program.

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