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Pricing Graph for Magento®

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Quick Overview

Display Price History graphs to your customers on product pages.


Ecommerce Clarity – Offers Pricing Graph – a widget that extends the functionality of our popular Price History extension so that you can display, on your product pages via Magento widget the price history of your websites products. With Price History, included with Pricing Graph you can now you can see visually the pricing history of any product on your website. Learn about sales velocity, product price elasticity, and have the data in front of you to make decisions that can drive your websites bottom line. Up until now, Magento only displayed the current price of products. Now you can see a graphed chart of a products pricing over time.


Pricing Graph allows the Magento store owner to display product price history information by date on product pages throughout the website. With controllable display functions like titles, width, height and others, you have control over how your pricing history information is displayed to your customers.

Additional Features Included

Price History provides the Magento site owner the ability to better understand the price history of individual products, along with information about what kind and volume of activity the product has produced.

Record Product Price History over time

Quickly and easily see product price changes over time.

Record Product views, carts and purchases over time as related to price

Price History records product activity information like product views, carts and purchases.

Easy to use Price History Graph

Ecommerce Clarity’s Price History graph shows quickly and intuitively the price history of any product on your website. This is critical in understanding the pressures and adjustments that are made to products over time. Losing sales? This graph will easily and quickly reveal if the product pricing was changed right before that big sales drop!

Simple and easy product Hit, Cart and Purchase Tracking Graph

In addition to simply tracking price history, Ecommerce Clarity’s Price History extension for Magento tracks a products page views, how many times the item was placed into the shopping cart, and also how many times it was purchased.

Seeing lots of activity on a product – perhaps customers are seeing a price that is too high, or the product in question is in high demand, but the product details are not correct, and are driving customers away from your website. Price History can reveal these issues and allow you to correct them easily!

Product Price Elasticity Graph

Need to know which prices drive sales? The price elasticity graph marries cart hits and purchases to product prices – so that you can easily discover the most effective prices for your products.

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