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We have years of experience

The specialists at Ecommerce Clarity have years of experience to rely on. From small startups, to 80MM+ websites for 2BB companies, to mid-market, we have experience with everything from analytics providers to hosting and marketplaces. We can analyze your current data, and provide you with insights to better understand your customers, your products and your opportunities.

An Example? Kevin Hill, our owner, while working at Harbor Freight Tools found an opportunity via google analytics that netted the company over 9MM in revenue! Check out the article about this amazing discover here:

How Kevin Hill found 9 Million in revenue

Now, we’re not saying that your company will find 9 million dollars lying around in your analytics, but we do have experience in exposing opportunities that might have been overlooked!

Strategy and Tactics

At Ecommerce Clarity, we’re driven to provide our customers sound strategies to improve their bottom line. However, we’re no stranger to tactics either. Our years of experience range from everything to solving website page time issues, to google analytics code implementations. If your team big or small can’t get their hands dirty – we will! Our goal is in our name.

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